The top value-for-money wood-fired hot tubs that improve your family relaxation

Personalize your experience by handpicking your desired features. From soothing massage options to captivating LED lights, to an assortment of unique accessories - tailored to your liking.

Premium Quattro For 6

Most elegant

Designed to fit seamlessly into your garden. With internal dimensions of 180x180 cm, an elevated seat, and an integrated heater, it comes in four metallic colours with an acrylic liner.

£ 4,935

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Premium Quattro X For 8

Most spacious square hot tub

Featuring the most spacious legroom. With 180x180 cm internal dimensions, and an external heater, it's available in four metallic shades with an acrylic liner.

£ 5,165

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Premium Round For 6

Best seller

Traditionally-shaped hot tub, sociable space with superb aesthetics. With 180 cm internal diameter, an elevated seat, and an integrated heater, it's available in four metallic colours with an acrylic liner.

£ 4,235

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Premium Round For 8

Top value

Get the most space for your money. With 200 cm internal diameter, an elevated seat, an integrated heater, comes in four metallic colours with an acrylic liner.

£ 4,935

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All-Inclusive Starter Package

  • All-inclusive Gardenvity Premium wood fired hot tub components included in the starter package

The all-inclusive package contains everything you will want and need for a comfortable use and fast water heating, right after assembly. You can add extra features that best suit your unique needs.

What’s included?

All-inclusive base package parts:

  • Hot tub with a round or square acrylic liner in one of 4 metallic colours
  • Wood-fired heater made from chemicals-resistant grade 304 steel (can be upgraded to grade 316)
  • Chimney with heat guards and a rain cowl for guaranteed safety
  • All-climate thermowood cladding treated with oils for multiyear elegance
  • Insulated lightweight faux-leather cover for water heat retention
  • Standard steps to get in comfortably
  • Brass hose fittings for straightforward garden hose connection
  • High-flow drain tap for speedy water discharge

The above essential components come with every Gardenvity Premium hot tub as a standard set to ensure the highest quality hot tub experience as soon as the installation is complete.

  • Round wood-fired hot tub options of luxury colors are pearlescent white, gold, grey, blue metallic

Luxurious Colours

Pearlescent white, gold, grey or blue metallic – these are the luxury colour options of our Premium wood-fired hot tubs with acrylic liners to complement your garden space. 

Extra Durability

The non-porous liner sheet has been innovatively designed to provide exceptional scratch resistance and uniformity in colour, resulting in reduced chances of stains or variations in shade.

Easy Maintenance

It only takes cleaning the liner with a washing-up liquid and a piece of soft, non-abrasive cloth or a sponge. An acrylic liner has excellent resistance to salts and chemicals, and therefore water treatment products that contain chlorine can be used for sanitation.

Outstanding Comfort

Superb precision in rounded edges welcomes your body contours perfectly.

  • Wood fired hot tub with thermowood cladding, wood treatment vs no wood treatment

Our Premium wood-fired hot tubs feature exquisite cladding crafted from the naturally stunning Thermowood planks.

What is Thermowood?

It’s spruce treated with heat, steam and oils and is stabilised for outdoor use. Thermowood retains its shape far better than untreated wood.

Durability & Heat Insulation

Resistance to rot and fungi makes Thermowood a highly durable, long-lasting type of wood that endures all climates and weather conditions. It has great heat insulation properties (reduces heat loss by 20-25% compared to untreated coniferous wood).

Wood Treatment

Surface treatment maintains the original colour for a longer period. Without treatment with natural oils, Thermowood can be used outdoors; however, over time, the wooden parts will become greyish – as any natural wood does.

  • Man putting firewood to stainless steal stove of wood fired hot tub

Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs come with stoves made from food-grade steel and comply with our strict in-house standards.

Only Trusted Materials

You can choose grade 304 or 316 steel. We recommend getting 316 for higher chlorine tolerance and if the tub will have increased salt exposure, for example, it will be placed close to the sea.

Efficient Heating

The wood-burner stove in Gardenvity Premium hot tubs heats the water in one-two hours in summer, compared to three to four hours in winter. It needs 12-25 kg of firewood to heat the water from cold.

  • Man cleaning a wood-fired hot tub cover made of faux leather

The insulated cover is made of faux leather. Primarily, it keeps the water clear from debris, but it’s become evident that its heat retention properties are no less satisfying.

Keeps the Heat

Keep the cover on to reduce the water heating time by up to an hour. Put it back on after bathing and notice only a minor drop in water temperature the next morning.

It’s Lightweight and Durable

The bi-fold cover is easy to open and close for two or even a single user. Clean the cover monthly with a mild detergent and water solution, treat it once a year with saddle soap, and enjoy its looks and functionality for quite a few years to come.

Flexible Customisation Options

  • Two air jets of the wood-fired hot tub that create beautiful bubbles under water
  • Air jets of the wood-fired hot tub when turned off underwater, nice sun flares on fragments of the liner

Gentle Massage

The air is ejected through the nozzles into the water, creating bubbles and whirlpools that ensure a gentle massage effect all over your body.

Choose 12 or 20 Air Jets

If you opt for 12 air jet nozzles, eight will be placed around the backrest and four at the feet. If you order an extra eight (20 in total), they will be placed on the seat edge and will create a gentle massage to your legs. Both options are powered with a 700W single compressor.

Easy Operation

Switch the air-jet massage on and off with a push of a button – nothing too complicated.

  • Wood-fired hot tub's hydro jets propel pressurized water and create tiny bubbles
  • A close-up of the wood-fired hot tub's hydro jet

Targeted Streams of Water

The hydro-jet system propels pressurized water, providing soothing relief for your muscles and joints, helping to alleviate tension and promote relaxation.

Choose 10 or 20 Hydro Jets

The location and number of hydro jets have been carefully selected to take into account the human body, so as to make the massage as effective as possible. When you choose 20 hydro jets (with a 2.2kW pump), you get up to three “therapeutic seats” where six jets are placed in groups to provide powerful tension relief along your back. When you go for 10 hydro jets (powered with a 1.1kW pump), they are located around the backrest level.

Adjustable Power

The hydro-jet system features built-in pressure adjustment dials to increase or decrease the massage intensity conveniently in different parts in the hot tub.

  • A wood-fired hot tub that glows with purple LEDs on the outside and inside
  • Two people are relaxing in a wood-fired hot tub with multicolored points of light at night

Multicolour Points of Light

Enhance the ambiance of your hot tub with our LED lighting system. It can be used in the dynamic colour mode to enjoy a variety of colours while entertaining friends, or you can easily select the single colour that best matches your mood.

LEDs Inside 

Featuring a central LED and/or 10 or 12 (depending on the model) mini LEDs around the inside perimeter, our lighting solution provides a stunning and customisable visual experience that adds to the overall relaxation and enjoyment of your hot tub.

LEDs Outside

With 10 or 12 meticulously positioned mini LEDs at the foot of your spa, the captivating glow of your hot tub will spill over to the surrounding area.

  • Wood-fired hot tub sand water filter system exposed ready to connect
  • White PET fiber balls in the sand water filter

Gardenvity Premium wood-fired hot tubs come equipped with an advanced filtration system that allows you to keep the water clean with less maintenance.

Friendly to the Environment

100% recyclable and non-toxic PET fibre balls is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly to keep water fresh and clean in your hot tub. Depending on the usage, you’ll only need to clean the fibre balls once a month and replace them every two years.


Efficient in More than One Way

Fibre balls trap impurities down to 5 microns in size. They also enhance the efficiency of the sand filter pump by lowering the pressure, which allows for a higher flow rate and for the product to last longer.

  • UV-C light in the wood-fired hot tub filter system

Environmentally Friendly Water Disinfection

This efficient and reliable disinfection technique safeguards bathers against a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria. By incorporating UV light into your hot tub filter system, you create a clean and crystal clear, healthy and safe environment for your relaxation.

Helps to Use Less Chemicals and Prevent Red Eyes

UV light helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed for water treatment by up to 80%. The advanced UV-C technology effectively breaks down chloramines, the culprits behind chlorine’s unpleasant smell, as well as potential sources of red eyes, skin irritation, and breathing difficulties. This technology is compatible with any water treatment products to help keep the water clean for up to a few months.

Lasts for up to 5 Years

When used for the recommended 5 hours per day, the UV lamp will perform effectively for almost 5 years, or 9,000 hours.

  • The black electric 3 kW heater of the wood-fired hot tub

The Comfort of Hybrid Heating

The electric heater added at the water filtration line helps maintain the water temperature after it is heated with the integrated wood-fired stove to allow a dip in the next day with minimal preparation. Heat with firewood, maintain the heat with the electric heater.

Makes Winter Usage Effortless

You may keep using the hot tub without draining the water in subzero temperatures. The electric heater allows this without the need to regularly light the wood-fired heater.

  • A glass of water is placed on the wood-fired hot tub's minibar
  • Hot tub mini bar made of thermowood

Keep Drinks Within Reach

A glass of your favourite beverage is an integral part of the hot-tubbing experience. To keep it close, make use of a mini bar. And it’s not just for drinks. Use it to place any other items that will enhance the atmosphere and convenience while spending time in your garden: flowers, candles, towels, a book – you name it.

Seamlessly Integrated into the Liner

Our Premium Round for 8 people and Premium Quattro models come with a mini bar seamlessly integrated into the liner. Enjoy easy access to your drinks without compromising on style.

Wooden Shelf Easily Installed on the Side

For added versatility, you can choose to install an external wooden shelf on any of our hot tub models. With the option to install multiple shelves, you can create the perfect setup for your comfort. Made from Thermowood, the shelf blends beautifully with the hot tub cladding.

  • A woman in a swimsuit is holding on to a black handrail
  • Wood-fired hot tub with black handrail accessory
  • A woman relaxing in a wood-fired hot tub, leaning on a cushioned headrest

More Safety

A handrail can be an invaluable feature for elderly users or individuals with limited physical abilities, providing enhanced safety and stability. The wet wooden steps may get quite slippery, so this simple addition will benefit any user.

Get it When You Need it

Keep your towel within easy reach with our designated towel bar, ensuring it’s always right where you need it when you’re ready to step out of the water.

Increased Comfort

A cushioned headrest ensures even deeper relaxation when you can recline and gaze at the stars more comfortably.

Personal Service Before and After Sale

Have an important question about our hot tubs or service? Our experienced and dedicated Customer Service Team member will explain any details you're interested in. Choose to contact us via your preferred channel.

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