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Experience the mesmerizing, soothing sensation of hot water in our wooden hot tub with 12 air jets, LED lighting and integrated water filter. The whirlpool brings true relaxation on a physical and emotional level, while the soft LED glow sets a romantic vibe, giving the traditional looking hot tub a touch of uniqueness. A small yet powerful water filter will help you to preserve the water.

In stock. Free UK mainland delivery (kerbside).

Enjoy moments of stillness in a non-jetted hot tub. This model does not require electricity because it has no electrical parts. A classic wood fired hot tub comes fully assembled with all the necessary accessories. With its unique traditional look, it is the perfect addition to a back garden of any house.

In stock. Free UK mainland delivery (kerbside).

Soaking in a Gardenvity Original Wood Fired Hot Tub is a truly natural experience, heightened with the pleasant aromatherapy of the wood! It’s the most authentic wood fired hot tub model, made of wood and steel only. No electrical, no plastic plumbing parts. Insulated hot tub cover ensures shorter heating time and keeps water warm for longer. All you need is firewood and water. Great for even the most remote off-grid locations.

What Our Clients Say

Gardenvity Wood Fired Hot Tubs Are Designed to Last for Years

A wood fired hot tub with thermowood cladding, food-grade stainless steel heater and a fiberglass insert guarantee:

  • Durability
  • Easy care
  • Space-saving design
  • Fast heating time
  • Comfortable seating
  • Water-saving
  • Complete chimney safety set

Our dedication to the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing means that we can give you a 2-year guarantee on all the parts in your hot tub.

Easy care fiberglass hot tub insert

External Scandinavian
Thermowood finish

Integrated food-grade stainless steel heater

Heating time:
Summer 1-2 h
Winter 3-4 h

Sleek built-in convex benches fit your body perfectly 

Saves up to 110 gallons (500 liters) of water due to special insert design 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery, Placement & Assembly Service

Can my wooden hot tub be delivered anywhere in the UK?

We offer FREE kerbside delivery to the mainland UK (excluding the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, islands of Scotland).

If requested, the product sometimes may be delivered to the excluded territories for an additional fee. Kerbside delivery to Northern Ireland costs £179. 

If you want us to bring your hot tub to your holiday property in France, you may visit our French website ( and use it to make the purchase.

What delivery options does Gardenvity offer?

a) Free (kerbside) delivery in mainland UK is included in the hot tub price. 

b) Delivery of a wooden hot tub to the final spot in your garden with our Placement & Assembly service will add an extra £279 to your payment.

When choosing a free kerbside delivery, what arrangements do I need to take care of?

There are three main things to know and prepare for:

1. Ensure access for a delivery vehicle to your driveway.
2. Arrange 3-4 helpful adults or a forklift to carry the hot tub to a designated spot.
3. Arrange a crane if the passage is too narrow and you need to lift the hot tub over obstacles.

Read more: Free kerbside delivery – are you ready?

How much does the crane service cost?

Each situation is highly specific, and crane operators will do the work at very different rates in different locations.

If you order Placement & Assembly service with us (£279), our team will help you find a crane (crane services are charged separately and payable upon the service).

If you choose a free kerbside delivery, you’ll need to arrange a crane operator yourself.

What is the typical delivery time?

Our current delivery lead time is always kept up to date at the top of the screen on our website. Please contact us if you want to arrange a later date. 

What does the Placement & Assembly service include?

Placement & Assembly service means that a specialised team will get the hot tub to its final spot in your garden and make all necessary assembly work for you. It will cost £279. It will not cover the crane costs if it is necessary in your situation. 

If you choose the Placement & Assembly service, you’ll be asked to provide us with additional details about your site, such as photos or videos, accurate measurements, etc. You will need to ensure good access to your site and remove any obstacles (gates, fence segments, etc.) that may block the way.

Read a full article with much more details about our Placement & Assembly service.

How do I check if I have good access?

To bring your hot tub to its final location, there are minimal requirements in terms of space between walls, fences, etc. along the way. Please take measurements in advance.

For the 6-8 people size hot tub:

Package dimensions LxWxH: 82.7x 38.2×84.6 inches (210x97x215cm). 

Packed on a EUR/EPAL pallet 47.2×31.5 inches (120x80cm)

For the 8-10 people size hot tub:

Package dimensions LxWxH: 92.1×43.3 x94.5 (234x110x240cm)

Packed on a EUR/EPAL pallet 47.2×31.5 inches (120x80cm) 

Always add at least 10cm (4in) to each dimension to carry the package through narrow passages.

If your passage is narrower or lower than required, you will probably need to hire a crane to get the tub over the fences or other barriers.


What payment options do you accept?

We offer the fastest and most secure payment options available for you to pay for your hot tub. 

There are 5 options to choose from! 

1. Credit or Debit Card. Gardenvity has a secure credit card processing system provided by Stripe. 

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. 

2. PayPal checkout.
3. Google Pay option is available if previously set up on your Android device or Google Chrome internet browser.
4. Apple Pay can be used when set up on your Apple device (iPhone, Mac, etc.). 
5. Bank transfer. Please contact us if that’s your preferred method of payment.

Beneficiary: UAB FEROXI

UK bank account number: 20000235

Sort code: 04-00-75

This account supports incoming domestic payments in GBP only.

Where do I get a coupon code for a discount?

You can get a coupon code upon subscribing to our newsletter. Please look in your spam folder to check if our email with the discount code has landed there by accident.

The coupon code can be easily applied at the checkout.

How to apply my coupon code?

Having added the desired item to your Shopping cart, please enter the Coupon code in the grey field manually (or copy and paste), and click on ‘Apply coupon’. 

You should then see the updated price in your Cart totals!

Do you offer financing?

Currently, we don’t offer financing.

Is VAT included in your prices?


And if you are a UK VAT payer, you can claim the VAT paid when purchasing our product for use in your business.

Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! We use Let’s Encrypt open certificate authority whose purpose is to make HTTPS ubiquitous on the internet through SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates are recognised by all modern browsers and use a high level of cryptographic technology to secure connections.

If you look at the address bar at the top of the browser during checkout, you will notice the ‘https://’ instead of the normal ‘http://’ at the beginning of the URL, which also indicates that you are in a secure mode.

Will I incur any additional charges (customs fee or other) due to Brexit?

Brexit has no impact on the price of our products.

There’s nothing to worry about.

The price you pay is the same as it was before Brexit and includes all local VAT.

There are no additional fees for orders.

Can a purchase be made by a business entity?

Yes! UK VAT will be charged on the orders delivered to the countries in the United Kingdom.

Gardenvity is a VAT payer in the UK, so you can claim back the VAT paid when purchasing our products for use in your business.

In the EU member states, Germany and France, a 0% VAT rate applies to Gardenvity products.


Why buy a wood-fired hot tub instead of an electric one?

  • It is cheaper to use a wood-fired heater than an electric one. We have calculated that heating the water once in 2021 will cost £6-13 with a wood-fired heater, and £12-24 with an electric one.
  • It heats much faster compared to an electric heater (1-2 hours in summer and 3-4 hours in winter compared to 12-24 hours, respectively).
  • It is eco-friendly, since wood is a renewable type of energy source. 
  • It’s aesthetic and providing you with an opportunity to keep a ritual with your preparation routine. Watching fire can slowly burn the tension and worries away.

Is there a maximum time I can spend in the wood-fired hot tub?

Keep it short – 15-20 minutes a session and stay properly hydrated so you don’t overheat. After a session, wait until you’re properly cooled down and only then go for another round, which should be a bit shorter than the first.

How long does it take to heat the water to the desired temperature?

It is recommended to bathe in the water which is 37-39°C.

When attending to the fire correctly, an average water heating rate (for 439 gal/2000 litres) is approximately 8°C per hour. Thus, the water temperature reaches 38°C in 1-2 hours in summer and 3-4 hours in winter.

Naturally, it depends on the water temperature before heating, and the type of your firewood will also play a role in this case.

Keeping the tub covered guarantees the best heating time.

Read more on how to heat your hot tub.

Do wood burning hot tubs bubble?

A wood-burning hot tub with an installed whirlpool SPA runs with electricity and the water bubbles. The air jets circulate the water, making the air bubbles rise from the bottom up.

How does water circulate in the heater?

Basic physics apply: 

There are two holes inside the hot tub that operate as water inlet and outlet to and from the heater (below and above the LED light). Heated water flows upwards and through the upper hole (outlet) into the tub, while cold water stays nearer the bottom and keeps flowing into the heater through the lower hole (inlet). 

This cycle continues constantly while heating the stove. No mechanical pump is needed for this circulation.

How many people can fit in a Gardenvity hot tub?

Gardenvity offers two sizes: 

180cm (70.9in) wide accommodating 6 adults and 2 children with comfortable seats;

200cm (78.8in) wide which is a welcoming size for 8 adults and 2 children. 

If you buy a hot tub just for the two of you, either option will provide you with generous space to relax in. 

Read our more detailed article on choosing the right hot tub model for yourself.

What is the ideal water temperature?

No matter what time of the year it is, we advise keeping the water in the wood-burning hot tub at +39°C as heating the water any higher can cause you to overheat, dehydrate and experience headaches. Those who have heart issues should avoid bathing in high temperatures.

How do I control the temperature of the water?

Every Gardenvity wooden hot tub comes with a floating thermometer. Use it to monitor the temperature when heating the water. Once you reach +39 °C, simply stop adding wood to the burner. If the water is too hot, add cold water with a garden hose and open the cover to let the excessive heat escape.

Read more about effective heating of your hot tub.

Do wood fired hot tubs need chemicals?

If you drain your private hot tub after 1-2 uses, there is no need for chemicals. This is great for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and chemical-free bathing experience. 

With a water filter and chlorine-free sanitisers, you can keep the same water in your hot tub for about a month on average.

If your hot tub is used by guests in your holiday cottage, you must replace the water after each use. 

Read our special article on water hygiene.


Are wooden hot tubs difficult to clean?

A wood-fired hot tub with fibreglass liner is easy to clean when it is still wet after draining the water. We recommend using regular hot tub/pool cleaning agents that include no chlorine. Please, do not use abrasive cleaners or scrapers that may damage the surface of the fibreglass insert.

To clean the fibreglass insert of your hot tub, please use a soft cleaning cloth or a sponge not to scratch the surface, rinse well with water and drain thoroughly.

If you use aromatherapy bath salts or essential oils in your hot tub, when the tub is emptied, make sure you properly clean and rinse the residues from the fibreglass insert.

To clean the heater walls, you have to spray water through the water inlet and outlet holes in the hot tub liner. Repeat until there appears to be no more dirt in the water heating part.

Please clean the fibreglass insert of your hot tub every time you drain the water. The heater has to be cleaned after every 15-20 uses.

Should the water be drained after each use during wintertime?

Yes, you should drain the water after each use in colder seasons when the temperature is below zero. Letting the water freeze can damage your wooden hot tub.

If you keep the water at bathing temperature (around 39℃) for a longer time, then you don’t need to drain it.

Do I have to clean out my wooden hot tub’s heater frequently?

You don’t have to empty the wood fired hot tub’s heater out completely every time after use. It should work fine as long as there is enough room for the air to circulate and keep the fire going. Before cleaning out the ash, make sure the embers have cooled down and use a long-handled shovel to handle them.

How often do I need to change the water in the hot tub?

It depends on your chosen hot tub model. The off-grid hot tub has no water filter, so you have to change the water in 1-2 days after 1-2 uses. 

If you have a hot tub with water filter and use chlorine-free sanitisers, you can keep the water unchanged for a month on average. 

With either model, if your hot tub is used by guests in your holiday cottage, you have to change the water after each use. 

Read more about water hygiene.

Is it easy to drain the water out?

Yes. Every wood-fired hot tub has a standard, external water drain valve at the bottom of the hot tub next to the heater.

Read more about draining the water.

Do wood fired hot tubs need chemicals?

If you drain your private hot tub after 1-2 uses, there is no need for chemicals. This is great for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and chemical-free bathing experience. 

With a water filter and chlorine-free sanitisers, you can keep the same water in your hot tub for about a month on average.

If your hot tub is used by guests in your holiday cottage, you must replace the water after each use. 

Read our special article on water hygiene.