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Final Placement & Assembly service – a detailed breakdown of what you’ll get

Assembling the heater door.

Our Placement & Assembly service is generally preferred by those customers who aren’t too keen to call on their DIY skills to fit the last bits on their hot tub, or can’t call in friends or neighbours to lend a hand. 

This optional service provides peace of mind before the tub is ready to fill. There are still some tasks for you to complete on your property beforehand, though.

The Placement & Assembly crew will bring your hot tub to its final location, provided there are no obstacles that need dismantling.

The Placement & Assembly service will not include the base preparation or choosing the place for your hot tub. Gardenvity can only offer detailed advice on a suitable location, materials and safety. Read more.  

The optional Placement & Assembly service added to Gardenvity’s standard free kerbside delivery option will ensure that your hot tub will be set up by the experts who will hand it over to you ready to fill. We’ve structured this article into three main parts:

  1. What’s included in the Placement & Assembly service?
  2. The importance of your cooperation.
  3. What else do you need to know about the delivery?

1. What’s included in the Placement & Assembly service?

We take great care to avoid creating any false expectations for our customers, so here’s a list of what works will be carried out when you pay for the Placement & Assembly of your hot tub. 

Taking a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub to its place in the garden.

1-2 person crew, depending on the situation

Specialist equipment (except a lift/crane service)

Placing the tub in  the desired location

Assembling and fitting all stove and chimney parts

Fitting the water drain valve and the drip tray

Assembling and fitting the wooden steps and external shelves, and glass holders (if applicable)

Fitting the cover

Equipment check

Lift/crane service to get the hot tub over immovable obstacles

Removal and re-installation of fences, gates or similar obstacles

Base preparation and choosing the location for your hot tub

Installation of power connection, commissioning the hot tub or application of water treatment products

Chimney installation through the roof in gazebos, pergolas or other types of enclosures

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2. The importance of your cooperation.

Communication is critical to enable us to deliver the best service to you. Our helpful staff members will work day in and out to obtain the necessary details from you and inform the final placement & assembly crew.

Using a spirit level when preparing the base for a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

It is still your responsibility to choose the spot for your hot tub and prepare the base for it.

We will ask you to take pictures and videos of the intended location for your hot tub as well as the planned trajectory to move the unit. You will be asked to provide precise measurements of the pathways or passages that will be used when moving the hot tub to your garden.

We must know about every obstacle on the way to your garden – steps, slopes, gates, fences, overhanging tree branches, etc. You will need to arrange the removal (dismantling) of any immovable obstacles (gates, fences, etc.).

You will need to arrange a crane if those obstacles cannot be removed and settle the costs for its operation. We may be able to suggest a crane operator and make the necessary arrangements with them in some parts of the UK.

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3. What else do you need to know about the delivery?

Have a look at some final points that you need to know and consider whichever type of delivery you choose.

Find all step-by-step explanations on completing the final assembly works on Gardenvity’s YouTube channel to evaluate if you could do the work yourself.

Gardenvity’s customer experience specialists will be equally supportive and provide you with detailed advice and explanations concerning the delivery of your hot tub, no matter the chosen delivery service.

You will need to ensure sufficient access for taking the packaged hot tub to its final location in your garden.


When packaged, the Gardenvity hot tub for 6-8 people will measure 215cm (84.6in) high, 97cm (38.2in) wide, and 210cm (82.7in) long.The Gardenvity hot tub for 8-10 people package measures 240cm (94.5in) in height, 110cm (43.3in) in width, and 234cm (92.1in) in length.

Always add at least 10cm (4in) to each dimension to be able to carry the package through narrow passages. 

The Placement & Assembly service will make every possible effort to ensure the safe delivery of your hot tub, leaving it ready to fill, strike a match and then dip in. Arrange the dates, do your homework, and count down the days for the new centrepiece of your garden to arrive!

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