Pre-configured Comfort MINI | Fibreglass liner | For 6 people

Preconfigured Comfort MINI | Fibreglass liner | For 6 people

Integrated heater, 180 cm internal diameter, 200 cm. external diameter, with an elevated seat.

The pre-configured Comfort Mini Hot Tub , complete with a durable fiberglass insert, offers an ideal solution for anyone seeking an easy relaxation option. Capable of welcoming up to 6 persons, it’s a great excuse to bring together friends and family for moments of enjoyment and relaxation.

Advantages of this pre-configured Comfort Mini hot tub:

  • HYDRO MASSAGE included. Enjoy the soothing sensation of 10 hydro jets (1.1 Kw) thoughtfully positioned in the tub liner, providing a delightful and invigorating back massage experience. You have the flexibility to customize the massage intensity to your liking, ensuring it perfectly suits your needs.
  • LED Lighting included. Enhance your hot tub sessions with 1 large and 10 mini LED lights that cast a magical glow over the water. The shimmering lights infuse a sense of playfulness and elevate your spirits, turning each soak into a delightful retreat.

Pre-configured Comfort Mini features an integrated heater and thermal wood paneling, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Available in two timeless fiberglass colors—creamy white and dark grey.

The equipment of our hot tub includes a chimney flue heat guard and a chimney elbow heat guard, which ensure your complete safety and guarantee you worry-free relaxation.

Additional Perks of the Pre-configured Comfort Mini Hot Tub:

Thermowood cladding included. This cladding requires far less maintenance than conventional wood, ensuring a long service life.

Integrated Heater (AISI 304) included. The built-in stove is a space-saving feature that doesn’t encroach on your yard’s area. Additionally, it allows for the inclusion of a raised seat, much to the delight of children or anyone wishing to cool down slightly without exiting the hot tub.


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Grey round comfort hot tub insert

High-quality fiberglass insert

Ergonomically built -in benches that are perfectly adapted to your body.


Multi-layered fiberglass ensures durability and resilience. You’ll enjoy this hot tub year-round.


Easy to maintain and clean.


Ergonomically designed to perfectly accommodate your body’s contours and provide the highest level of comfort.

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