Discover Gardenvity’s delivery options – which one to choose and how to prepare?

A Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub in its packaging being moved on a pallet truck.

Before checking out with your wood-fired hot tub order, you’ll need to choose one of two delivery options: kerbside or adding the Placement & Assembly service (for extra fee). Read this article to see what you need to know about each delivery method and decide which one is right for you.

A Gardenvity hot tub is a big and heavy unit. Choosing the kerbside delivery option, you must be sure you will have 3-4 helpful men to bring it to the final location. As the Owner, you are to ensure the necessary equipment and safety for the whole process of moving the hot tub after the delivery staff unloads it from the van.

When you’re not sure if you have the necessary tools, time and manpower to bring the hot tub to the final spot and do the final assembly works, opt for the Placement & Assembly service for an additional fee!*

The kerbside delivery option or the Placement & Assembly service will not include the base preparation for your hot tub. Gardenvity can only offer detailed advice on a suitable location, materials and safety.

When you choose the Placement & Assembly service

1. What’s included in the Placement & Assembly service?

We take great care to avoid creating any false expectations for our customers, so here’s a list of what works will be carried out when you pay for the Placement & Assembly of your hot tub.

Taking a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub to its place in the garden.

 1-2 person crew, depending on the situation

 Specialist equipment (except a lift/crane service)

 Placing the tub in  the desired location

 Assembling and fitting all stove and chimney parts

 Fitting the water drain valve and the drip tray

 Assembling and fitting the wooden steps and external shelves, and glass holders (if applicable)

 Fitting the cover

 Equipment check

 Lift/crane service to get the hot tub over immovable obstacles

 Removal and re-installation of fences, gates or similar obstacles

 Base preparation and choosing the location for your hot tub

 Installation of power connection, commissioning the hot tub or application of water treatment products

 Chimney installation through the roof in gazebos, pergolas or other types of enclosures

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2. The importance of your cooperation.

Communication is critical to enable us to deliver the best service to you. Our helpful staff members will work day in and out to obtain the necessary details from you and inform the final placement & assembly crew.

Using a spirit level when preparing the base for a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

It is still your responsibility to choose the spot for your hot tub and prepare the base for it.

We will ask you to take pictures and videos of the intended location for your hot tub as well as the planned trajectory to move the unit. You will be asked to provide precise measurements of the pathways or passages that will be used when moving the hot tub to your garden.

We must know about every obstacle on the way to your garden – steps, slopes, gates, fences, overhanging tree branches, etc. You will need to arrange the removal (dismantling) of any immovable obstacles (gates, fences, etc.).

You will need to arrange a crane if those obstacles cannot be removed and settle the costs for its operation. We may be able to suggest a crane operator and make the necessary arrangements with them in some parts of the UK.

The Placement & Assembly service will make every possible effort to ensure the safe delivery of your hot tub, leaving it ready to fill, strike a match and then dip in.

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When you choose kerbside delivery

3. Ensure proper access and a flat site for unloading.

A Gardenvity hot tub will be delivered in a Luton van with a tail-lift. Please take care that your driveway is not blocked at the agreed delivery time. Also, bear in mind this is not an off-road vehicle, so it has limitations regarding the surface it may move on.

99% of the times, we will unload the hot tub on the driveway, provided there’s good access to a 2.3 x 7.5-metre vehicle. Otherwise, it will have to be left on the kerbside.

2.3 x 7.5-metre Luton van with a tail-lift - most commonly used vehicle for Gardenvity deliveries.

The vehicle may block road traffic for a short while needed to unload the cargo.

We may operate the tail-lift of the delivery vehicle on a flat surface to ensure safe unloading. We wouldn’t be able to get the hot tub package out on a slope, so we would look for the nearest flat surface.

The type of delivery van we use rides confidently on solid surfaces. The drivers may refuse to go on the grass, gravel or other non-solid surfaces.

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4. Measure all the pathways and arrange the needed equipment or even a crane, if needed.

Each estate is different. We will do our best at driving the delivery van as close to your garden as possible, but there may be obstacles that will force you to use a crane. For your homework, please measure how wide and tall all of the pathways are in your place.

Below are images of packed Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs of different shapes.

A view of packaged Gardenvity hot tubs of different sizes placed on wooden EUR pallets.

Check the measurement and weight details of the different types and sizes of our hot tubs when they are packed.

A Gardenvity Premium wood-fired hot tub will arrive with a Thermowooden box for the filtration unit (if ordered). Its package is 70 cm wide, 95 cm high and 76 cm deep. The packaged box weighs approx. 60 kg.

Always add at least 10cm (4in) to each dimension to carry the package through narrow passages.

Gardenvity hot tubs come carefully wrapped up with foam and plastic film to protect against accidental scratches and on a standard EUR-pallet serving as a stable base to facilitate forklifting the unit or any crane operations involved.

A pallet truck, or a so-called spa-dolly, will make your work getting the hot tub to its final location much more effortless. Otherwise, 3-4 strong men are needed to carry the heavy package weighing 180-290 kilos, depending on the chosen model. 

Two men unloading and moving a hot tub on a pallet truck.

If your passage is narrower, lower than required, you will need to use a crane to get the hot tub package over any obstacles along the way. You will have to find a crane operator and settle any costs incurred.

Sometimes, it may be easier and cheaper to temporarily remove a gate or a segment of your fence than hiring a crane.

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5. Plan to take the cargo to the desired spot in your garden.

If you decide not to choose the optional Placement & Assembly service, you will have to move the hot tub package to its final place. You can lift and carry it using heavy-duty straps or drive it on a pallet truck or a special spa-dolly. 

A packaged Gardenvity hot tub placed sideways on a wooden pallet and manhandled by four adults.

To carry the hot tub manually, you will need four strong adults to balance the load evenly and lifting and moving straps.

One man moving a wood-fired hot tub on a pallet truck and an OSB board to protect the lawn.

You may also do the job by using a pallet truck or a special hot tub dolly which are available for rent when you do a quick Google search in your area.

You must ensure the safety of all the persons involved in this task.

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6. Be ready to carry out the final assembly of your hot tub.

If you decide to get the hot tub delivered, you’ll need to put your DIY belt on and do some final assembly work.

It’s easy and fun to do! We have created a few short ‘How to…’ videos to assist you in fitting the last components before you start filling the water and strike a match.

YouTube playlist with Gardenvity tutorial videos.

Find all step-by-step explanations on Gardenvity’s YouTube channel.

You will also receive detailed guidelines for final assembly in the Gardenvity Hot Tub User Manual.

Remember: when you’re not sure if you have the necessary tools, time and manpower to do all of the above, you may opt for the Placement & Assembly service for an additional fee!

The kerbside delivery option or the Placement & Assembly service will not include the base preparation for your hot tub. Gardenvity can only offer detailed advice on a suitable location, materials and safety. Read more.

Feel free to contact us – Gardenvity customer service will be glad to assist you with any questions or concerns that could occur when preparing for the day of delivery. 

Having the homework done, the day your wooden hot tub will finally make it to your garden will be marked with excitement!

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