Placement & Assembly Service

This document explains what this service includes and does not include.

The service INCLUDES:
– Specialist equipment (except a lift/crane service)
– Placing the tub in the desired location
– Assembling and fitting all stove and chimney parts
– Assembling and fitting the wooden steps and external shelves, glass holders (if applicable)
– Fitting the cover

The service DOES NOT include:
– Delivery does not include the removal or collection of the hot tub packing thereafter
– Lift/crane service to get the hot tub over immovable obstacles
– Fence, gate etc. removal
– Choosing the location for the hot tub
– Base preparation
– Chimney installation through the roof in gazebos, pergolas or other types of enclosures
– Commissioning the hot tub – lighting the fire, filling it with water
– Application of water treatment products
– Moving the hot tub on stairs (unless arranged in advance)

● When you choose the Placement & Assembly service, we will ask you to provide as much information as possible about the intended exact destination of the hot tub at your property. This will enable us to complete the final placement and assembly of the Gardenvity hot tub properly. This information could include photos, videos, measurements, intended movement trajectory, etc. It is essential that you assist us at your best capacity to help us foresee any issues or obstacles (e.g. steps, slopes, fences, overhanging tree branches etc.) that may prevent us from completing the works. Mutual and prompt cooperation before the arrival of field-based technicians is crucial.

● The Placement & Assembly service is usually carried out by our one competent specialist. Depending on the terrain specifics on your property, our team member may ask your minimal help to be able to move the package safely on sloping or unstable surfaces (such as grass) or if there are stairs, thresholds, low fences etc. on the path.

● If a crane is required for the delivery of the hot tub to the final destination, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements with a crane operator and to pay for this equipment. We may be able to suggest a crane operator and make the necessary arrangements with them, but we cannot guarantee this service in all areas of the UK.

● When we evaluate your situation and suggest the best final delivery method, if you disagree with our decisions, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver the hot tub to its destination utilizing the Placement & Assembly service. A standard, kerbside delivery service would be performed in such a case, and we would return the payment for the Placement & Assembly service within 14 days.

● Whichever delivery method you choose, you will have to ensure access routes for successful delivery and unloading of the hot tub.

● Due to a variety of fire safety requirements in different areas, we only offer general fire safety guidance and cannot be liable for fulfilling all the fire safety rules in your location even when providing the Placement & Assembly service. If needed, please consult your local authority in advance.

● We accept no liability for acts of God, fire or weather-related issues that may impact our ability to place and install your hot tub. If you are aware of such issues but do not communicate them, and if we are unable to complete the hot tub placement and installation works after arrival at your property, we reserve the right to request full payment.

The Placement & Assembly service will make every possible effort to ensure the safe delivery of your hot tub, leaving it ready to fill, strike a match and then dip in!