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Every Tiny Detail in Essential Fiberglass SPA Wood Fired Hot Tub All-inclusive Package Video Explainer

Air jets
Water filter
Water treatment
Wood-fired stove
Thermal cover
Water drain

Product Video Transcript

00:00 Introduction

Hello, my name is Milda, and I will be happy to show you our Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub today. Our most popular model has air jets, LED light and a water filter.

These three electrical appliances require electricity. However, the consumption is really low because they do not have to be in constant operation.

00:27 Air jets

Let’s have a look at air jets first. There are 12 air jet nozzles in total. Seven of them are placed at the backrest area and five at the feet area.

The air is ejected through the nozzles into the water and creates bubbles and little whirlpools, which ensure a gentle massage effect all over your body. Air jets are operated with a push of a button. You can switch them on and off.

00:58 Water filter

By having a water filter and using chlorine-free chemicals, you can extend the life of water for one month on average.

This Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub model has a cartridge water filter. It means that there’s a replaceable cartridge inside the filter housing which you have to replace regularly on average every two-three weeks.

This filter moves the water around and removes debris. You have to operate the filter four to five hours a day, regardless of whether you use the tub that day or not. In order to keep the water fresh and use it for a longer time, you have to do both – use the water filter and kill bacteria in the water.

01:36 Water treatment

In order to kill bacteria, you need to use water treatment products.

We recommend using chlorine-free water treatment products. The brand that we recommend is called Aqua Blanc, and it’s oxygen-based chemicals. They are gentle for your skin and body, and in addition to that, you can drain the water on your plants after the water is used.

02:10 LED

This Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub model has an LED light.

It has eight static and dynamic modes and with the push of a button, you can change colours.

02:37 Wood-fired stove

Perhaps, one of the most important features of the wood-fired hot tub is, of course, the wood burner.

The integrated wood-fired stove is made of stainless food-grade steel. It’s small but efficient and heats the water in three hours on average. In summer, it will heat faster in one-two hours, compared to three to four hours in winter.

It’s easy to operate such a wood burner. When the fire is burning, the handle and the air flow handle doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe to close and open.

There is an ashtray in the wood burner which helps to clean the ash easily.

03:23 Chimney

A chimney of Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs is designed with safety in mind. The chimney consists of two flues, a chimney cap and heat shields.

It is very important to talk about the heat shields because the chimney gets very hot and accidental contact could lead to burns. That’s why in order to prevent this, we added heat shields to the lower part of the flue, as well as on the elbow, which ensures safety.

The standard chimney is two meters, 70 centimetres tall when measured from the ground. You can add another meter as a chimney extension.

The chimney cap is made with a mesh, which helps to keep all the sparks in and adds additional safety.

The chimney bracket helps you to stabilise the chimney. If you live in a windy area, it helps to keep the chimney upright.

You can disassemble the chimney any time and clean it easily by using a simple chimney sweeping brush.

04:24 Thermowood

As you can see, our hot tubs are cladded with beautiful wooden planks. This wood is called Thermowood. It’s spruce that is treated with heat and oils and is stabilised for outdoor use. And also, this process adds extra thermal insulation.

Thermowood is one of the most dimensionally stable woods for outdoor use, so it’s less likely than the other types of wood to shrink or swell when exposed to moisture. Thermowood endures all climates and weather conditions. All the wooden parts are made of the same Thermowood, including the steps and the drink shelves.

The special wood treatment with heat, steam and oil increases its resistance against many microorganisms and insects. It’s non-toxic and resin-free.

Thermowood has a beautiful brownish colour when new. With time, it will become greyish as all natural wood does. If you would like to preserve this beautiful brownish colour, you have to stain it once a year with a weatherproof stain. You don’t have to treat it or clean it in any other way.

05:35 Liner

The fibreglass liner is made in such a way that your body can sit comfortably on the convex benches.

There are no rough seams or surfaces in the liner, which adds to the comfort of the bathing experience.

The fibreglass liner is easy to clean and maintain. You can wash it with a simple dish soap and a piece of cloth or a soft sponge. It is important to make sure that the soap and the sponge are soft and non-abrasive.

Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub liners come in two colours – classic cream white, and contemporary anthracite grey.

06:16 Thermal cover

The thermal cover is made of faux leather. It’s also bifold, so it’s easy to open and close it. It’s relatively lightweight, so one or two persons can easily remove it by hand.

The thermal cover keeps the heat very well, so whenever you fill the tub and want to heat it as soon as possible, always keep the lid on.

The cover has safety straps and buckles. When not in use, always keep it buckled so that the wind doesn’t take it off.

06:52 Steps

Thermowood standard steps are included within the price of our fully inclusive package. They are of our classic design. They are stable and do their job well.

If you want to have larger steps, which might be somewhat more visually appealing, you can upgrade to get the curved steps.

07:12 Shelf

One exterior Thermowood shelf comes as a part of the fully inclusive package.

Optional upgrades include an additional Thermowood shelf and a steel glass holder.

07:23 Water drain

The water drain valve is a simple high flow tap. If your situation allows, you can simply open it and drain it directly on the ground.

In cases where you need to direct water somewhere else, then use the garden hose connectors to attach a hose. Then you can direct the water flow and drain it into the household drain or you can use it to water plans as well.

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