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A collection of troubleshooting tips and solutions to common problems

wood fired hot tub regulations Gardenvity

Our rich FAQ section helps you find answers to various questions related to buying, taking delivery of, and using your hot tub. This article will particularly focus on the issues that can be solved easily with a little accurate information.

Based on our experience and users’ feedback, we’ll discuss the issues that might occur when using a wood-fired hot tub.

1. Solutions for water hygiene/treatment problems

Keeping the water clean and free from bacteria is essential for maintaining any type of water-based leisure facility. Failure to keep the right pH level and prevent bacteria buildup causes health risks, not to mention bad odour, cloudy water, and slippery surfaces in the hot tub.
Here are a few things to bear in mind concerning how to avoid the above.  


The amount of debris, fallen leaves, sand or similar foreign matter in the water depends on the location of your hot tub and the behaviour of its users. Changes in either may dramatically improve the situation, but these problems are relatively easy to solve by one or a combination of the below measures.

– Keep the hot tub covered when not in use.
– Use a skimmer to remove larger particles or objects from the water.
– Use a pool vacuum to clean the bottom of the tub.
– Switch the water filter on simultaneously with massage jets, or mix the water with a paddle to keep it moving. The water filter will remove the particles when it’s on for at least 4-5 hours a day. If needed, run the water filter longer.
– Consider relocating your hot tub if it’s standing too close to, or under trees.

Make sure the tub is not occupied when using the water filter.

Lifehack: To clean the bottom of the tub, you can use a hose large enough to push against the hole in the liner sucking the water to circulate it through the water filter. Then, with the loose end of the hose, collect the sediments on the bottom of the tub. In such a way, you can use the suction power of your water filter to vacuum the hot tub bottom.

The water becomes greenish and dark spots occur on the liner, the liner gets slippery and has a bad odour. It’s a sign that bacteria and algae in the water have built up.
If the water looks cloudy or milky, your pH measurer will show increased numbers and that the water is too hard.

– It would be best to drain the water, clean the liner, fill new water and follow the chemical product manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly.
– Never forget that pH measurements have to be taken daily, and adjust the level accordingly.
– Clean or replace your filter cartridge/fibre balls.
– If the liner is covered with limescale, please use a scale inhibitor.

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2. Issues related to the water filter

Although water filter issues are closely related to water treatment and will result in poor water quality, they are separated into a dedicated part of this article, in order to focus more on the mechanics of the water filter unit. Our Premium line products use a sand/fibre ball filter, and the Essential models have an installed cartridge filter. Choose the relevant solutions for your hot tub model.

Sand filter of a Gardenvity Premium hot tub

If the pump in the water filter fails to switch on because of problems with the electrical part, skip to Chapter 3.

If the filter does not pump water or the flow is very slow, it may be because of one of the following reasons:
– The inlet or discharge lines are clogged.
– An air leak on the intake line
– Scale or dirt buildup on the filter cartridge
– Excessively dirty hot tub
– Dirty filter cartridge/fibre balls

What you need to do:
– Clean any obstruction in the intake hose by discharging it inside the hot tub wall.
– Tighten hose clamps, check hoses for damage, check the tub water level.
– Replace the filter cartridge.
– Clean the filter cartridge / fibre balls more often.

The water filter might not work when the water level is too low, because of an airlock inside the filter cartridge chamber, when the strainer screen is clogged, or in case of a faulty motor or a jammed impeller.

Your actions:
– Fill the hot tub to the correct water level.
– Tighten hose clamps, check the hose for damage.
– Open the release valve, lift and lower the inlet hose until water starts to flow out of the air release valve, close the air release valve.

If the filter doesn’t clean the water even when switched on for the required 4-5 hours a day, this might be the case that the water pH level is improper or that the fibre balls / filter cartridge is dirty or damaged.

In the stated events, please do the following:
– Adjust the pH level.
– Clean or replace the filter cartridge when it is dirty, and if you see holes in it, replace it straight away.
– Operate the filter for longer periods.

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3. Getting around the problems with electrical systems in the hot tub

Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub models with LED, massage system and water filter use electricity, and some general pieces of advice will help you avoid a phone call to an electrician.

Please be aware that in our Essential models there is a difference in the plug position in the socket unit!

Handling electrical appliances with wet hands is dangerous, as well as standing on a wet floor. Follow general electrical safety precautions to protect yourself from electric shock.

Tip: As with any electrical device, when it won’t switch on, you should first check if it is plugged in and confirm that there is no power failure in the network.

Our hot tub electrical devices might fail to switch on when the power plug is inserted in the wrong socket, in cases of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse.

Remedies for the problems mentioned above are:
– Check if the different systems in the Essential models are plugged in the correct sockets (from left to right: LED lighting, massage system, water filter).
– Reset circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips repeatedly, your electrical system may have a defect. Turn off the circuit breaker and call an electrician to correct the problem. The same applies to a repeatedly blown fuse.

The massage system and water filter in Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs are operated with a pneumatic push-button. If there is air in the system, it might fail to switch the unit on.

Your simple action plan in such a situation includes bleeding the air from the pneumatic push-button system.

This is the push-button assembly from inside the equipment compartment. Remove the air tube of the button valve and replace it again.

For more complex electrical faults, you would have to contact our team.

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4. Other general issues

The following issues may arise due to problems with the position of the spa in your garden, damage to parts or failure to properly follow assembly instructions.

A mature man engineer with blueprints of a hot tub outdoors.

The chimney may wobble if installed incorrectly. Be extra attentive when assembling it.

– Find the different parts marked with letters in the image in the user manual and follow the installation instructions carefully.
– You may need to apply some pressure when turning the segments right and left to make sure they attach well to each other.
– Use the chimney bracket (included in the Essential package) to ensure more stability.

The air stream from the air jet nozzles may become weaker or blocked if the nozzle head gets clogged.

Resolve the issue quickly by removing the nozzle head and washing it with running water.

Water leakage. While condensation drip (coming from a hole underneath the hot tub, near the drain valve) is completely normal, water can also leak due to rips in the water filter hoses, a leaking drain valve, leaks in the heater or simply because of a loose filter cap or hose clamps.

Starting with the easiest solution, your action plan is to:
– Finger tighten all filter caps and hose clamps;
– Tighten the water drain valve or add sealant tape to its thread;
– To prevent leakage from the heater, never light the fire if the tub is not filled to the required level or empty the tub while the heater is still hot.

The chimney draught can be weak, and you may notice smoke coming out through the stove door due to 4 reasons:
1. The hot tub is positioned in a place with insufficient air circulation.
2. The chimney cap mesh is clogged.
3. Poor chimney maintenance.
4. Air blockage in the chimney.

Each issue mentioned on the left has a solution that most will be capable of implementing themselves.
1. Install an additional chimney extension pipe or consider relocating your hot tub – away from corners or big trees.
2. Remove the chimney cap, brush the mesh, and replace it again.
3. Clean the chimney following the instructions in the user manual.
4. Take the chimney cap off, prepare a paper clump, light the paper and drop this burning clump into the chimney through the top to burn the oxygen and thus remove the air blockage.

We hope this guide helps you resolve most of the issues that might occur when using a wood-fired hot tub. Feel free to contact our support team members when things don’t work out easily or when you’re not sure what to do.
Happy hot-tubbing!

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