The unique features of Gardenvity Fire Pit that make it stand out

Jan 8, 2020 | Fire pits | 0 comments

The same as acquiring a wood-fired hot tub, bringing a fire pit to your garden might be one of the best decisions that will help to reunite your family and friends more often and spend more time outdoors.

A fire has the power of warming us up and mesmerizing with its mystical dance. We’ve recently discussed the merits of owning a fire pit in your garden and now we’re about to expand more on Gardenvity’s Fire Pits specifically.

What makes them unique and preferred by those who value safety, multifunctionality, and beauty?

Safety first – no burns or tipping over

Metal and fire, when brought together, usually mean two things: they will heat up the environment so you’ll feel warm, and when you drip some water on hot metal, it’ll sizzle and bubble and produce playful steam, which reminds a bit of a wood-fired hot tub in action.

But when you’re not careful, sometimes it can also cause skin burns followed by a heartbreaking cry of your child or your lovely pet.

Gardenvity Fire Pit design ensures that its frame and the outer ring will not get sizzling-hot because the burning capsule is made separate from the main structure that you can touch.

Embers will not spread out in your garden, and children or pets won’t get burnt if they accidentally bump into the Fire Pit.

Besides, you can conveniently keep your drink, food, your gloves or many other things on the outer ring, right next to you. For instance, when you enjoy your time in a wood fired hot tub.

Take a look at the design of the Gardenvity Fire Pit in the picture, and notice how wide apart those legs are. The wider the base touching the ground underneath the fire pit structure, the more stability it ensures.

Gardenvity Fire Pit is relatively low compared to some other popular options, which means its mass center is down low.

Which, in turn, means it’s almost impossible to tip it over by accident. Plus, you’ll be able to adjust the height of those legs, so even if the ground is not perfectly level, you’ll be able to adjust the Fire Pit properly, so it doesn’t swing or tip over.

Many possibilities blend in harmoniously

Firstly, the Gardenvity Fire Pit is open for you to watch the crackling fire, no matter where you are – let it be your wood fired hot tub or a terrace. Live, controlled fire will catch your eyes and help you relax in the absence of daily worries.

You may slip back into memories of having a campfire easily, only there will be no black circle of burnt grass on the ground in the morning.

The Gardenvity Fire Pit is all set up for cooking the best BBQ in your neighborhood. You’ll be free to use a single or double grill, you can also use a flat cooking top for roasting vegetables, skewers, etc., or a grill for a variety of BBQ roasts.

The good news for all of us is that those cooking tops are dishwasher-friendly, so you won’t need to spend the last hour of your gathering scratching and washing the grill. Instead, you‘ll be able to use that time to chill in your wood fired hot tub.

Gardenvity Fire Pit has a marine-grade plywood lid that is specially designed for creating a stable, easily maintainable garden table out of it!

Keep your snacks, your drinks on this table, have a late-night tea or an early-morning breakfast outside, play board games on it – you name it! The lid will make sure your Fire Pit will stay clean with no litter fallen inside until the next use.

Think smart & beautiful

The round shape of the Gardenvity Fire Pit, its slender feet, and the tracery have been designed with aesthetics in mind.

A choice of two colours and materials – black and corten steel – will blend in the general architecture of a classical or a modern garden with a wood fired hot tub in it.

Top quality corten steel, which is extremely resistant to any weather conditions, requires no painting and forms a stable rust-like appearance.

You may sit at the fire outside, or bring the Fire Pit close to the window and watch the flame while sitting at your dinner table or on your comfy couch inside. Can it become something that will help your family members reduce the screen-time?

Final remarks

Here’s a scene from one of your weekends. With no rush, you put a pile of logs in a fire pit, light it up, and hear your doorbell singing.

Greeting the people you love, you cheerfully move straight to your cosy garden and prepare to cook the best smelling, juicy BBQ roasts. You grab the food, open a bottle of the finest wine, and sit around the fire glowing in the dark.

Late night talks, delicious food, smiling faces, and cherry on top – a wood fired hot tub…

When the morning comes, you take a steaming cup of your favourite hot, creamy coffee, and go outside to sit at your garden table, feeling relaxed and comfortable. Because you allowed the Gardenvity Fire Pit to bring life into your garden.