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The Last Mile: a Hassle-Free Payment

Preparing the credit card details to pay for a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

When you make your payment, your hot tub plans are one step closer to becoming reality. We have provided you with safe online payment options and a simple process. It’s easy to find your way around the website and submit your order, but still, there may be some questions that need explanation in advance to make the process clear and smooth.

It’s easy to get around with submitting your order, but still, there may be some questions that need explanation in advance to make the process clear and smooth.

We’ve structured this topic into four parts below, so you can navigate to the topic that concerns you.

  1. Ensuring safe payments
  2. What payment options can I use at checkout?
  3. How many steps are involved when making a purchase?
  4. Can companies make the purchase with Gardenvity?

1. Ensuring safe payments – Check out with confidence

Gardenvity website uses Let’s Encrypt open certificate authority with the purpose of making the website safe at the top level through SSL/TLS certificates.

A lock in the address bar indicating that an encrypted connection is used on the Gardenvity website.

Depending on your Internet browser, you will most likely see an engaged lock symbol indicating that the connection is secure with a valid encryption certificate.

Some browsers will show the https:// (not just http://) at the beginning of the URL when you’re visiting the Gardenvity page, which is a sign you’re in a secure mode.

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2. What payment options can I use at checkout? Options for all preferences.

Whatever your preference or habit, you will enjoy a hassle-free payment option at the Gardenvity e-shop.

We use Stripe for secure credit or debit card processing (supports Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express). 

You can checkout via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please check the country-specific requirements with regard to any restrictions on the maximum amount for guest checkout.

Android devices and Chrome users can pay with Google Pay, and Apple Pay can be used having set up an Apple device. 

A wire transfer is also available if this is your preferred payment method. You will make a payment into a UK bank account incurring no additional fees.  

To add even more flexibility, we accept payments made from two different cards or bank accounts. This comes especially handy in case you have a spending limit or similar circumstances. 

Contact our Customer Experience Specialist for these options.

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3. How many steps are involved when making a purchase?

Ordering your hot tub model is made truly straightforward:

Click a button with the size of a hot tub that you want.

After picking the accessories (if any), you’ll add your customized order to the cart. 

Looking at the order breakdown in front of you, you may enter and apply a coupon code and proceed to checkout. 

Having entered the billing, shipping, and card details, the last button to click will place your order or proceed to PayPal. That’s it! 

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4. Can companies make purchases with Gardenvity?

Yes, they can!

A sample of an invoice issued by Gardenvity for its product.

In numerous situations, a wood-fired hot tub can become your company’s asset – either for staff relaxation or to add value to your holiday let(s). So, of course, you will be able to receive an invoice to include it in the Expenses column of your annual report.

Gardenvity is a business entity operating in the UK, which means that UK VAT payers can claim back the VAT. Company UK VAT number: GB 355319395.

Our bills to businesses from EU member states will include 0% VAT.

Summing things up, there’s not much to add to this short article since the payment process is so simple. If there is anything you would like to hear more from us about, we’re always ready to go the extra mile for you!

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