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All-inclusive Insulated Edition Summer Deal 8ppl

Insulation, Air Jets, big LED, Cartridge Filter

Thermowood Wood Fired Hot Tub

8-10 Seater


What’s included in the package:

  • Hot Tub with Fiberglass Insert (£2970)
  • Thermowood Cladding (£450)
  • Integrated Heater (grade 304 steel) with Chimney Flue, 2 m (6’6”) (£550)
  • Insulated Faux Leather Cover (£450)

    Insulation, LED, Water Filtration
  • Polyurethane thermal insulation (£150)
  • Air Jets Massage System, 12 jets (£550)
  • 1 Big LED underwater light (£200)
  • Integrated Cartridge Water Filter (£250)

    Chimney Parts
  • Chimney Flue Heat Guard (£95)
  • Chimney Elbow Heat Guard (£50)
  • Chimney Cap with Ash Catcher (£40)

  • Standard Steps (£75)
  • External Thermowood Shelf (£50)
  • High Flow Drain Tap (£70)
  • Brass Hose Fittings (£20)
  • Stainless Steel Tightening Bands (£80)
  • Stirring Paddle (£50)

Select Hot Tub size:

    • 5150 £
    Select insert colour
    Upgrade Accessories
    • 50 £
    • 40 £
    • 70 £
    • 60 £

    Additional Placement & Assembly Service

    • 379 £

    Only applies if no access restrictions are present, e.g. pathways of at least 1.1-1.2 metres wide and 2.25-2.5 metres high (depending on the chosen size) are needed. Crane operations are not included. Delivery time might be longer when ordering Placement & Assembly. Read more

    * This fee is added to the standard kerbside delivery, which varies according to your location and is shown at the checkout.

Safe & Secure


2-Year Guarantee

for all hot tub parts

Every Tiny Detail in Video Explainer

Hello, my name is Milda, and I will be happy to show you our Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub today. Our most popular model has air jets, LED light and a water filter.

What’s Included in this
Hot Tub Package

Whirlpool With Colour LED Light

The hot tub is fitted with a 700W air-based massage system. There are 12 air jets – 7 outlets aligned in the back area, with 5 at foot level. Underwater LED light illuminates the water with red, green, and blue colours, that can be set to single-colour, multi-colour, static and changing modes. 

Food Grade Stainless Steel Heater

With an integrated food-grade AISI304 stainless steel heater it will take 1-2 hours to heat the water up in summer, and 3-4 hours in the winter.

Easy Care Fiberglass Insert

Hot tub owners appreciate fiberglass inserts because of the effortless care and superior comfort. The insert is designed to fit your body shape and provide comfy seating while bathing. Its sleek, seamless surface is pleasant to touch and easy to clean with simple dish detergent.

Scandinavian Thermowood Finish

This carefully selected material is not only durable and resistant to any kind of weather, but also nicely rugged with a minimal water absorption level. The special wood treatment with heat, steam, and oil increases its resistance against many microorganisms and insects.

Integrated Water Filter

The integrated cartridge filter comes already installed in your hot tub and is not visible from the outside. It is a small yet powerful filter pumping through 3758 litres an hour. You will need to operate it 4-5 hours daily and change cartridge every 2-3 weeks.

Fits Up To 8 Adults and 2 Children

The 70.9 in (180 cm) wide hot tub is suitable for 6-8 people, while the 78.8 in (200 cm) wide option is spacious enough for a group of 8-10 people..

Gardenvity Wood Fired Hot Tubs Are Designed to Last for Years

A wood fired hot tub with thermowood cladding, food-grade stainless steel heater and a fiberglass insert guarantee:

  • Durability
  • Easy care
  • Space-saving design
  • Fast heating time
  • Comfortable seating
  • Water-saving
  • Complete chimney safety set

Our dedication to the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing means that we can give you a 2-year guarantee on all the parts in your hot tub.

Easy care fiberglass hot tub insert

External Scandinavian
Thermowood finish

Integrated food-grade stainless steel heater

Heating time:
Summer 1-2 h
Winter 3-4 h

Sleek built-in convex benches fit your body perfectly 

Saves up to 110 gallons (500 liters) of water due to special insert design 

Secure Payment & Delivery

We offer the fastest and most secure payment options available for you to pay for your hot tub. 

There are 5 options to choose from! 

  1. Credit or Debit Card. Gardenvity has a secure credit card processing system provided by Stripe. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.
  2. PayPal checkout.
  3. Google Pay option is available if previously set up on your Android device or Google Chrome internet browser.
  4. Apple Pay can be used when set up on your Apple device (iPhone, Mac, etc.). 
  5. Bank transfer. Please contact us if that’s your preferred method of payment.

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We provide shipping in most areas throughout the UK.

We do not ship to highlands and islands, but please contact us as we may be able to help you organize a delivery even in those remote areas of the UK.

We will deliver your Gardenvity wood burning hot tub directly to your backyard or to your front door. In this Kerbside delivery case, you will need to arrange 4-5 helpful strong friends or a forklift to help you carry the hot tub to your chosen spot. Learn more about the delivery process

Optional delivery to the final spot in your garden and assembly service is available. Read more about what is included.

Feel free to contact us for more information about delivery.

Hot tub specifications (Size: 8-10 people)

Package type – euro pallet 47,2 x 31,5 inches (1200x800mm)
Package weight – 485-573,2 lbs (220-260 kg) depending on the choice of cover and stairs
Package dimensions (+-3,9 inches (+-100 mm) on each dimension) – L x W x H: 90,6 x 51,2 x 94,5 (2300x1300x2400mm)

Product technical data

External dimensions -88,6 inches (2250 mm) wide and 41,7 inches (1060 mm) high
Internal dimensions – 78,8 inches (2000 mm) wide and 37,4 inches (950 mm) deep
Chimney height – 106,3 x 114,2 inches (2,7 – 2,9 m) from the ground

Electricity supply

Voltage – 220V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10 amp and more
Hydraulic pressure – 0.1~0.2Mpa

Water supply

Amount of water to fill hot tub 330-352 gallons (1500-1600 L)

Integrated water filter

Type: INTEX Krystal Clear™ Model 638R Filter Pump
Power: 220 – 240 V~, 50 Hz, 99 W
Capacity: 3758 litres/h
Filter cartridges: type A

Heater type and fuel

Main heater material – food grade 18/8 stainless steel AISI Grade 304
Heater fuel – dry softwood or a mix of softwood and hardwood in equal amounts
Heating time – 1–2 hours in summer, 3–4 hours in winter
Heater rated heating output – 20–25 kW

Safety Warning: Children must be supervised by an adult at all times when using a hot tub. Please read and follow all the safety instructions included.

What Our Clients Say

After doing our research we decided to opt for a Gardenvity wood fired hot tub. The whole ordering process was easy and well explained, we made our selection and paid online with no problem at all. Contact and communication by email and telephone was excellent right up to delivery day.

Delivery itself was simple and stress free, and the tub arrived packaged up very well, ready for installation. This is a simple thing to do as all instructions and guidance are made available by the company before the event.

Following on we had a great after sales service from the company (Daina in particular deserves a mention) and could not be more happy with our purchase/product.

Phil Tattersall

View on Google |

We recently purchased a hot tub. The whole buying process was straightforward, the hot tub arrived quickly and we’ve been really impressed by it thus far.

It’s wonderful to relax in during the evenings and the cover retains a surprising amount of heat – it was still 30 degrees the next day after using it the evening before.

Would recommend this company and their hot tubs. Thank you.

Amy Tuft

View on Facebook |

We ordered our hot tub in April and it was delivered in June within it’s scheduled time, in the middle of lockdown and I have to say the communication and customer service has been excellent, from initial contact and enquiry to after sales I can not recommend them enough.

We have used the tub throughout the summer and fired it up today Oct 4th, heating is realistically from cold to 30ish degrees in about an hour and a half I would not hesitate to buy from Gardenvity again.

Andrew Cole

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If you have any questions or would like some help choosing the right hot tub for you I will be glad to assist you.

Have a Question?

Hi, I’m Milda! If you have any questions or would like some help choosing the right hot tub for you I will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unpack your Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub?

How to fit heater doors, ash grates & drip tray of wood-fired hot tub?

How to assemble the chimney of wood-fired hot tub

How to fit the water drain valve of wood-fired hot tub?

How to mount an external shelf and fit a glass holder of wood fired hot tub?

What is a safe water temperature for bathing in my hot tub?

At any time of the year, do not heat the water to more than +39°C. Overheating and dehydration can be serious side effects of unsafe hot tubbing.

How long does it take to fill my wooden hot tub with water?

Usually, it will take about 1-1.5 hours to fill a wood burning hot tub. You can cut that amount of time by buying a 3/4inch garden hose.

The Gardenvity Hot Tub for 6-8 people will need 1200-1300 liters (264- 286 gallons) of water, while the Gardenvity Hot Tub for 8-10 people will accommodate 1500-1600 liters (330-352 gallons).
The exact filling time will depend on your individual water outlet.

How often should I change the water in my wooden hot tub?

We strongly recommend changing the water frequently and enjoying a chemical-free bathing experience in your wood fired hot tub.

We recommend changing the water in your hot tub after 1-2 uses/1-2 days. If a hot tub is used by multiple people, e.g. in a holiday cottage, it’s necessary to replace the water after each use.

However, if you decide to leave the water in for a longer time, it’s recommended to install a filtration system and use chlorine-free sanitizers.

How can I control the temp. of the water in my wooden hot tub?

When you buy your Gardenvity hot tub, it comes with a floating thermometer which you keep in the water while heating the water to monitor the temperature.

Once it approaches your chosen temperature, you simply stop adding wood to the heater. If it feels a bit too hot, just add some cold water from the garden hose or open the cover and allow some time for the heat to evaporate.

Can one person take off the hot tub lid?

The insulated faux leather cover is light enough to be opened/closed by one person. However, we would recommend it as a job for two.

What type of fuel can I burn in the hot tub heater?

Use dry firewood to avoid a pile of smoking wood and efficient heating of the water.

Combine softwood (e.g., pine, fir) with hardwood (oak, beech, etc.) in equal amounts.

Do not burn anything else. Please read our dedicated article with tips and tricks to heat a wood fired hot tub here.

How do I clean the exterior of my Gardenvity wooden hot tub?

The thermowood exterior needs no extra maintenance and cleaning – it’s already treated thermally to serve you for many years. If, however, you want to remove some dirt, use a mild detergent and a soft sponge.

Rinse with a garden water hose. Do not use brushes or other hard instruments to scrub the dirt off the thermowood surface. Over time, the surface of thermowood will become greyish as all-natural wood does.

If you wish to maintain the original thermowood appearance, treat it with transparent paint containing some brown pigment.

How do I clean the fiberglass insert of my hot tub?

Wash and clean the fiberglass insert of your hot tub carefully every time you drain out the water. While still wet, wipe the insert with a soft sponge.

You can also use a mild detergent, soap, or pool cleaning products. Avoid brushes or other hard instruments because they may damage the surface of the fiberglass.

After cleaning the wood burning hot tub with detergents, rinse well with a water hose and drain completely.

We do not recommend using any cleaning products with chlorine because this could damage the hot tub and the heater.