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Relax with less chemicals in your Gardenvity Premium wood-fired hot tub with the UV-C water purifier

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The Gardenvity Premium wood-fired hot tub line ensures the safest bathing experience to date using the dutch UV-C technology to augment the work of water sanitisers and sand/fibre ball filter. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of chemicals needed by 50-80%.

You might be interested in how the system works and what tasks (and costs) it adds to your maintenance schedule. Read on or jump to the relevant part.

  1. How does the UV-C technology work in a hot tub?
  2. How to operate the system
  3. Maintenance 
  4. Even less chemicals in your hot tub

1. How does the UV-C technology work in a wood-fired hot tub?

The UV light works as a means of disinfection to sterilise pathogens such as moulds, viruses, and bacteria that can no longer multiply when affected by UV-C rays. This provides better protection against hygiene and health issues when bathing in a hot tub.

Germicidal UV-C systems irradiate running water with the UV-C light in the treatment chamber. The system disinfects the water within a few seconds. 

UV light sterilises pathogens rendering them unable to multiply and causing hygiene and health risks. 

The compact UV-C module from Blue Lagoon (made in the Netherlands) is installed at the sand/fibre ball filter and uses only 21W of energy. 

The system is specially designed for hot water (±40°C) environment. 

It has no effect on the pH or chemical properties of the water in the hot tub. 
Although the UV lamp does reduce algae and bacterial populations, it must be used to augment traditional water sanitising measures (chlorine, bromine or oxygen-based water treatment systems) and cannot be used alone.

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2. How to operate the system?

The UV-C system does not require any additional installation from a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub user.

The system is installed at the water filter and only needs to be plugged into the mains to start functioning.

When plugged in, the UV-C system works automatically, requiring no manual action from the user. 

The system performs at 30 mJ/cm2 when processing 3 m3/h of water. The max. flow is 13 m3/h, and max. 1 bar pressure has to be ensured.

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3. Maintenance 

To ensure optimal disinfection performance, the lamp in a UV-C purifier should be replaced after 9,000 service hours. Otherwise, the lamp will continue to work with rapidly declining disinfection value. Replacing the UV-C lamp in time will guarantee the best conditions for hot tubbers. 

Replace the UV-C lamp in time. Its average effective lifespan is 9,000 hours.

When used for the recommended 5 hours per day, the UV-C lamp will perform effectively for almost 5 years.

A red indicator will light up to signal that the lamp must be replaced. 

Replacing the UV-C lamp is easy following the video instructions.

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4. Even less chemicals in your hot tub

Hot tub owners will use disinfection chemicals to keep the water clean and fresh. Gardenvity mainly advises oxygen-based shock treatment products, such as Aquablanc, although the Premium line hot tubs can also be used with chlorine chemicals.

Working in combination with water sanitisers and filtration system, the UV-C module as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution will ensure safe, clean and healthy water for you to relax in.

Although you will still need disinfection chemicals, you will be able to substantially decrease the amounts used.

The added benefit of the UV-C technology is that it will reduce the smell of chlorine!

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