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The latest water filtration technology for wood-fired hot tubs

latest water filtration technology in premium Gardenvity hot tubs

Gardenvity Premium wood-fired hot tub design includes a so-called sand filter filled with 100% recycled PET fibre balls. This is the latest innovation in wood-fired hot tub filtration. Fibre balls are a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to keep water fresh and clean in a hot tub. 

The highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to filter the hot tub water:

  1. Sand filter (100% recycled PET fiber fibre balls)
  2. UV-C lamp filtration system

1. Sand filter 

The main benefits of using fibre balls for hot tub water filtration are the following. 

Fibre balls enhance the efficiency of the sand filter pump by lowering the pressure, which allows for a higher flow rate and a longer product lifespan. 

They are incredibly lightweight and efficient. 500 grams of fibre balls is equal to 18 kilos of sand. 

The superior filtration is achieved in a shorter time. 

Filter balls are made from 100% recyclable and non-toxic PET material. They are durable and reusable and can be washed in a laundry machine or by hand. Depending on the usage, you’ll only need to clean the fibre balls once a month and replace them after two years, making them a relief to the environment.  

2. UV-C

We recommend adding a UV-C purification system to augment the sand/fibre ball filter for the maximum benefit. 

UV-C technology is an environmentally friendly and safe way to disinfect water, protecting the users from viruses and bacteria.

UV-C helps to reduce the amount of chlorine chemicals needed for water treatment by up to 50-80%!

This technology is also compatible with other water treatment products to keep the water clean for up to a few months. 

The filtration unit comes fully assembled and placed into the wooden box. You’ll only have to connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the tub.