How to Prepare Your Wood Fired Hot Tub for Winter

In this blog post, you’re going to read a clear step-by-step manual explaining how to prepare your wooden hot tub for winter. Now, we’re almost sure that you’ll be using your investment into a garden SPA year-around.

However, as a safety precaution, you must know what you need to do in those days when you’re not having a bath in the cold with rising steam from your hot tub.

As much as we want to help you prevent any unplanned expenses, we also want to save you the trouble of any damage that freezing water can do to a wood-burning hot tub.

Read these 4 steps to find out how to prepare your hot tub for winter, and your Gardenvity SPA will be just fine all the time you won’t be using it in the cold season.

1. Drain the water

Captain Obvious here, teaching you to drain the water of your wood-fired hot tub at all times and by all means in winter.

Even if the weather temperature outside is just below zero and the cracking thin ice on the water surface is playful, we can’t deny the laws of physics.

As you know, frozen water expands, and it may damage any pipework or vessels of the wooden hot tub.

While fiberglass wood burning hot tub insert is sturdy, there are multiple holes in it to let the air from the whirlpool massage system in.

The last thing you want is to leave any water remaining in there. When embers in the wood-fired heater are completely cooled down, open the water draining plug of the wood fired hot tub and leave it open to make sure all water runs out entirely.

Make sure you don’t drain the water when the heater is still hot!

2. Blow the air

When the water is flushed completely, turn on your whirlpool air massage system on to blow air from all the tiny holes. Make sure there’s not even a droplet left inside.

3. Tidy up!

Finally, tidy your wooden hot tub up! For two reasons:

Any time you flush the water, it’s much easier to clean the walls of the Gardenvity fiberglass insert as opposed to cleaning the wood-burning hot tub when it gets dry.

When it gets warmer, the first thing you want to do with your wood-fired hot tub will be filling it up with water and having a relaxing bath – not cleaning it!

4. How to keep water warm?

If you decide to keep water in your hot tub, you may use a circulating water pump with an electrical heater to keep water warm.

However, it is not recommended to leave the unattended wooden hot tub filled with water for longer frost-periods, as a failure of the heating system might result in damages to your hot tub.

Bonus tip

Gardenvity also recommends preparing a few cloth bags with bicarbonate of soda. It’s a great deodorizer, and it absorbs humidity, so your wood-burning hot tub will remain smell-free and dry all the time!

You’ll remove those bags in a matter of seconds the next time you’ll use your hot tub.

And remember

The key point of this ‘how to prepare your wood-fired hot tub for winter’ guide is that any preparation work shall be carried out when the heater is completely cooled down!

As a rule of thumb, empty your wooden hot tub in no longer than 48 hours after using it in summer, and in winter, flush the water every time after using it, taking the 4+1 above steps to keep wood burning hot tub safe and clean.

Happy hot tubbing!

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