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How to assemble the wood-fired hot tub yourself after delivery

Unpacking a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

A Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub arrives preassembled. You will only need to fit some parts that are removed before delivery to prevent damage and reduce the package size.  

You may do that with a partner, a pair of gloves and a few basic tools or invite someone who’s more keen on DIY. Or choose the Placement & Assembly service from us for an extra fee.

The seven parts of this article will provide a step-by-step guide to all parts that will need to be fitted by yourself. Use this navigation list to find what’s relevant to you.

First things first
  1. Unpacking the hot tub
  2. Assembling the chimney
  3. Fitting the heater door, ash drawer and drip tray
  4. Attaching the water drain valve
  5. Installing the faux leather hot tub cover
  6. Mounting the external shelf and glass holder
  7. Assembling the standard steps

First things first

Detailed assembly instructions are provided in the Gardenvity User Guide.

A collection of ‘How to’ videos is at your disposal uploaded on Gardenvity’s YouTube channel. Watch, learn, complete the assembly works and enjoy!

If you choose free kerbside delivery option, you might want to read the special article on that topic first. It will help you to prepare and know your responsibilities better.

Before accepting the delivery of your hot tub, you should have a prepared base in a suitable place described here.

You must always observe the safety of everyone involved and protect the hot tub against damages when unpacking, lowering it down, and fitting the components.

This is what you’ll look like having done all the finishing assembly works.

A woman relaxing in a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub in a beautiful garden.

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1. Unpacking the hot tub (3-4 persons and a sharp tool needed)

Your hot tub will arrive placed on its side on a standard wooden pallet. Here are video instructions on unpacking it. Read this part very carefully to avoid any trouble.

Moving a packaged Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub on a pallet truck.

Position your hot tub in the desired location. 

Do not lower the hot tub down before taking the separate parts out! 

Do not cut the holding straps before lowering the tub down.

Checking and counting the parts of a wooden hot tub.

Remove the packaging and take all the separate parts out from beneath the hot tub.

Check if everything is there:

Chimney parts (8pcs.); Heater door; Standard steps; Accessories and drip tray; Stirring paddle; External shelf and glass holder (if applicable).

A happy couple celebrate having lowered down the hot tub on to its bottom.

Lower the hot tub down on its bottom.

Complete this step only with 2 (for 6-8 people size) or 3 (for the bigger size hot tub) partners to ensure you don’t release the item too early.

CAREFUL: Keep your hands and feet clear from under the contact points of the hot tub when lowering it. 

Lastly, cut the holding straps off and take the pallet away. The wooden pallet might fall when released, so be careful and don’t let it hurt you. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you dispose of all packaging materials properly for recycling. You may chop the wooden pallet down and use it as firewood when it’s perfectly dry.

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2. Assembling the chimney (1-2 persons, gloves, 7mm spanner, Phillips screwdriver needed)

Use the diagram and video instructions to visualise what needs to be done when assembling the chimney.

Wear gloves to protect your hands against sharp edges.

There will be 8 pieces packed with your hot tub:

2 chimney flue segments

A chimney elbow and a clamp

Chimney elbow heat protector

Chimney heat protector

Chimney cap with an ash catcher

Chimney bracket

Remove the protective film from all the metal parts. 

Connect the segments of the chimney flue, mount the chimney cap on and insert the duct into the heat protector. 

Connect the chimney elbow to the heater and tighten the clamp with a 7mm spanner. 

Connect the main part of the chimney to the elbow.

Mount the chimney bracket, fixing the ring around the heat protector and securing the holder arms to the wooden planks of the hot tub.

The chimney assembly is sturdy and stable even without the chimney bracket, but we highly recommend using it in windy locations to ensure even better stability.

Stainless steel chimney parts before assembling the chimney.

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3. Fitting the heater door, ash drawer and drip tray into place (a pair of pliers needed)

This short video tutorial will give you a clear demonstration of how it’s done. Here are the 3 easy steps:

Slide the ash grate into the heater. 

Remove the locking pin with pliers from the bottom hinge of the heater door, mount the door on the hinges and secure with the previously removed pin. 

Push the condensation drip tray fully under the tub aligned with the water drain valve.

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4. Attaching the water drain valve and hose connectors (plumbing tape neededincluded in the package)

Learn how to do it in under a minute in this short video. Find the threaded brass pipe sticking out under the chimney and get down to work.

Apply 3 rounds of plumbing tape on the pipe to create a tighter seal and prevent leakage. 

Make sure to rotate the sealant tape clockwise on the thread. Otherwise, it may come off when attaching the water drain valve.

Screw on the water drain valve securely – again, in a clockwise direction. Use a spanner, if needed.

If necessary, install the hose connection fittings on the drain valve. They are also included in our standard package.

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5. Installing the faux leather hot tub cover (a screwdriver with a Phillips head needed)

The game-changer in cutting the costs and time of water heating – the insulated faux leather cover. Here is an explanation of how to install it on your wood-fired hot tub. There will be four buckles for securing the straps of the cover, so repeat the following steps with each buckle and strap.

IMPORTANT: The hot tub cover has to be installed before the external shelves.

Securing the hot tub cover with straps and buckles.

Put the cover on the hot tub and find the best position for the straps.

Pull the strap tightly downwards, align the buckle against the wooden cladding.

While holding the buckle against the cladding, release the strap from the buckle and mark the mounting location.

Secure the buckle onto the wooden cladding with one of the screws provided.

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6. Mounting an external shelf and glass holder (a screwdriver with a Phillips head needed)

Watch a dedicated video tutorial on Gardenvity’s YouTube channel to show you how to mount the external shelf on your hot tub. Before you start fitting the screws, here are two critical points:

IMPORTANT: Fit the hot tub cover and its buckles before mounting the shelf!

Do not mix them screws of different lengths! If longer screws are used to fit the legs of the shelf, they might damage the internal parts of the hot tub.

An external shelf with a mounted drink holder.

Start off with driving the 60mm screws into the shelf legs.

Do not use the 70mm screws at this step!

Align the leg with the lower edge of a steel band, centre in the middle of a wooden plank, and drive the screw to secure the leg.

Leave a gap of three planks and do exactly the same with the second leg.

Having left a 1cm (0.4in) gap from the tub wall for water drainage, secure the shelf on the legs.

Use the 70mm screws here.

Make sure to drive the screw into the centre of the leg under the shelf. You can use a thread for guidance.

Use the 2 smallest screws (included) to fit the optional glass holder (if applicable).

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7. Assembling the standard steps (a screwdriver with a Phillips head needed)

With the stairs, you’ll need to screw on the transverse footboards onto the legs which come already assembled.

Assembling the standard wooden steps.

Put the 50cm planks on the bottom holder. Don’t screw them yet.

Align the top and screw on one 60cm plank.

Screw on both 50cm planks on the bottom holder.

Screw on the second 60cm plank at the top.

You’ll be using the same size 5x70mm wood screws for the top and bottom footboards when assembling stairs.

It’s a good idea to connect the water drain valve and then do all the rest while filling the hot tub with water.

Remember: you can always add the Placement & Assembly service to your order to have all the work done for you by the experts if you don’t feel like putting all the things together yourself.

Having done all the above, you’ve now gained a full right to immerse in the steaming water. Relax and enjoy!

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