Hot tubbing in the winter: indulge into the majestic experience safely

Feb 6, 2020

There are great benefits that soaking in a wood-fired hot tub provides you with during the cold season, such as stress relief, helping the immune system, soothing sore muscles and aching arthritic joints, socializing and more.

But you must also be wary of getting cold, overheating, dehydration, or “road accidents” on a slippery walkway. Each problem has a preventive solution, and we’ll discuss those today.

Life-enhancing benefits of a wooden hot tub in the cold season

1. For some, visualising a hot tub steaming in the cold plays a role in looking forward to the arrival of winter.

It’s almost amazing how one addition in a back garden, your own spa, can allure your family members and friends to pay more visits.

We’ll never get tired of bringing up the social benefits of owning a wood-fired hot tub since relationships matter the most.

2. Hot tubbing in the cold season brings numerous health benefits.

Lower temperatures slows our system down. The warm, jet-infused environment will strengthen the immune system naturally.

Warming the body and increasing blood flow balances white blood cell count. Hydrotherapy causes ‘fake fever’ that can combat current pathogens and infections.

This trusted and pleasant preventive measure can help children, elderly, and anyone else to be ready to fight the unwanted part of the winter.

3. Hydrotherapy relieves stress and improves sleep patterns.

During the winter months, short days, holiday rush and other pressures can take their toll on your body and mind.

Firing the heater of your wood-burning hot tub, preparation to meet your loved ones and then indulging into the joy of warm water caressing your skin can take your thoughts away from the daily worries.

Relax, slowly inhale, try and feel every inch of your body and watch your exhale. Repeat many times mindfully, and witness how you become more present.

4. Have you tried exercising in water?

Your Gardenvity wooden hot tub is a perfect place to move your joints and muscles in a warm environment.

It’s up to your creativity to use the buoyancy of the water and gain benefits such as improving toning or weight management. Slow or more energetic movements will have a positive effect on your overall health.

And yet, a responsible adult will always keep an eye on safety to allow you to keep only the best memories from the open-air spa sensations in winter. Please remember some important points and act with additional care.

How to stay relaxed and assured that your winter hot-tubbing will be safe?

1. Get warm garments ready before you step out from the water.

Bring a chair outside, and place the fluffy bathrobe or a towel on it within an arm’s reach. You can even wrap them in plastic or some other cover to keep them away from cold and water splashes.

Even if it’s just a short dash across the yard to your warm house, you don’t want that temperature shock, so please, cover your body.

Besides, depending on your personal privacy level, healthwise, it’s best to put your bathrobe on a naked body, since any wet swimsuit will quickly get cold. Some stalwarts report that it’s exactly the reason why some people get cold after bathing in winter.

2. You mustn’t soak for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, and don’t heat the water to more than 39°C.

This is a general rule with no regard to any particular season of the year, only in winter it’s easy to get tempted and spend more time admiring the landscape while staying warm.

Remember that when your head and shoulders remain in a chilly air, you may confuse your sense of internal temperature and get too hot.

Overheating and dehydration are the unwanted results that you must take seriously. Have your clocks out, put a thermometer in the water, and take frequent sips of warm tea or water in.

3. Wear a knitted hat while bathing. It will keep your hair dry and help to regulate body temperature.

4. Finally, even if your garden is not covered with snow drifts, anything below zero on a thermometer means your walkway will be slippery.

Get a pair of shoes with non-slippery soles next to your softest garments to make your way from the garden safe and comfortable.

Enjoy the majestic chilly nights getting the most out of your investment. Stimulate your senses and create memories for the young generation who can’t wait for the next visit to your garden spa!

P.S. If you rather wait until spring to keep the temperature differences more in control, read about how to prepare your hot tub for winter.

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