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Gardenvity Premium Acrylic and Essential Fibreglass lines: Product features and benefits side-by-side

The best-selling Essential, or the high-end Premium with technological advancements and more luxury? The differences between Gardenvity’s two hot tub lines might need a detailed explanation from a features & benefits perspective.

There will be parts used in both product lines, but some systems are mounted only in the Premium hot tubs. Learn about them all.

1. What features the Essential and Premium products share

Gardenvity wood-fired hot tubs of the Premium and Essential lines share some parts in the production process. We’ve listed them in one place and decided to explain the practical benefits to you.

Thermowood claddingThis carefully selected and naturally processed (with heat, steam and oil) material has a minimal water absorption level, is resistant to many microorganisms and insects, is extremely durable in any weather and requires minimal maintenance work.
Integrated stainless steel heater: AISI 304 or AISI 316 (optional)1. AISI 316 can be used in harsher environments and boasts greater corrosion and pitting resistance with higher tensile strength compared to AISI 304.

2. AISI 304 has good overall resistance to corrosives and a higher heat-resistance grade compared to AISI 316.
Thermal faux-leather cover1. The insulated faux-leather cover prevents debris (leaves, insects, ash from burning firewood, etc.) from falling into the water.

2. It prevents heat from escaping from the heated water and thus helps to decrease the heating time by as much as an hour.

3. Also, it keeps the water warm longer after the fire dies out in the heater.

4. The straps and buckles keep the cover tightly on the tub and locked to protect against wind blows or small children opening it.
Thermowood wooden steps – standard or curved (optional)1. Standard steps are designed to help you get in and out of the tub, they are easy to maintain to save you the trouble and take minimal space on the hot tub base.

2. Curved steps are larger and create better aesthetics.
External shelf, a drink holder (optional)Provides the convenience of keeping your drinks or snacks, or even your waterproof smartphone, at hand while you’re bathing.
Water drain valve, hose fittings, condensation drip tray, paddle, thermometer.Gardenvity likes to think about all the tiny details on your behalf in advance so that you can start using your wood-fired hot tub as soon as you’re finished with the assembly works.

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2. What technology solutions are different

The more advanced technology solutions in the Gardenvity Premium line make it more practical and add luxury touches. Check the detailed benefits of the different technology elements for you as a user.


(please read a detailed comparison of acrylic and fibreglass liners in our special article here)

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
Acrylic linerFibreglass liner
1. Superb precision in rounded edges to welcome your body contours perfectly, also even easier to clean.

2. Very unlikely to chip or crack, which helps maintain the glossy finish and provides high resistance to UV degradation. If severely damaged and caused to crack, though, acrylic will not lend itself to repairs.

3. Superior strength makes it better at coping with accidental knocks and the stress of its own weight when moving locations.

4. The colour is uniform throughout the acrylic shell. Even when scratched, there will be no other colour shade underneath.

5. Deluxe colours: Pearlescent White, Metallic Grey, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Blue.

6. Offers excellent resistance to salts and chemicals; water treatment products that contain chlorine can be used for sanitation.

1. Shiny, smooth finish, very pleasant to touch and easy to clean.

2. Shaped into comfortable seats.

3. Fibreglass liners can be quite easily repaired by professionals if cracked or scratched.

4. Come in Cream White and Dark Grey.

5. We highly recommend not to use any cleaners or water sanitisers that contain chlorine, since it can cause discolouration and other damage. Use oxygen-based sanitisers instead for effective water treatment.

Water filtration

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
Sand/fibre ball filterCartridge water filter
1. The fibre balls are recyclable and thus, environmentally friendly.

2. The fibre balls have to be washed at least once in 3 months and replaced every 2 years.

3. This system can be upgraded with a UV-C module (optional) to make water filtration even more efficient with less chemicals.

4. A variety of water sanitisers can be used, including those containing chlorine.

5. When used correctly, the system can maintain excellent water quality for as long as a few months.
1. The cartridge is exceptionally easy to replace.
It is recommended to change the filter cartridges every 3 weeks.

2. Only oxygen-based water treatment products can be used.

3. With proper use of chemicals and water filter, the water can be kept for up to a month.

Heating system

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
Hybrid heating system (optional). The electric heater added at the water filtration line helps maintain the water temperature after it is heated with the integrated wood-fired stove to allow a dip in the next day with minimal preparation.
When maintaining the warm water temperature, you may keep using the hot tub without draining the water in subzero temperatures.
To heat the water quickly, the wood-fired heater must be used. To re-heat the water, the stove has to be operated again.

Chimney assembly

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
The chimney assembly comes with heat guards to save from accidental burns, and a cap with a mesh prevents hot ash from escaping the chimney.
The elbow in Premium hot tubs is made sturdy, and the chimney flue gets secured in the elbow with three screws.
As a standard, the chimney assembly comes with heat guards and a cap with a mesh. A chimney bracket is included to ensure more sturdiness.

Massage system

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
12 air jets and 10 hydro jets (can be upgraded to make it 20 + 20) for a gentle dispersed or more targeted, powerful massage.10 air jets for a gentle massage dispersed all over your body and/or 8 hydro jets for a more targeted effect (can be upgraded with 12 air + 8 hydro jets).
When only air jets are chosen, the maintenance of the massage system is easier.

LED lighting

Gardenvity Premium lineGardenvity Essential line
1+10 multicolour LED lighting system (1 large and 10 small LEDs to add the enchanting glow and best match your mood).1 big multicolour LED to create a romantic or playful mood.

The shape of the hot tub

One more addition to the Gardenvity Premium hot tub’s design is that you can opt for a round- or square-shaped unit. 

The Essential line products are of a conventional round shape, but you can also choose an Ofuro option (for 1-2 people). 

Below is a comparison of the important features and practicalities of round and square hot tubs.

Round shapeSquare shape
* Classic, more traditional design
* Angled liner walls offer reclining position
* “Round-table” social atmosphere 
* Internal heater (takes no garden space, but reduces tub space, looks amazing)
* External diameter 225cm 
* Water volume 1500-1700L 
* Heating time 2-2.5 hours
* More customisation options positioning the massage nozzles
* More contemporary design
* Much more legroom, wider bench
* More individual space
* External heater (takes space in the garden, more space for bathers in the tub)
* External diameter 202cm
* Water volume 1700-1900L
* Heating time 2.5-3 hours
* More efficient to fit in a corner

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3. Anything else you need to know?

It is important to mention that when choosing a product from our Premium hot tub line, you can use the Configurator to customise your own hot tub! The technology choices have been made most flexible.

This means that you gain a bit of an engineering decision-maker’s power to customise the options precisely to your needs.

For example, you may skip on LEDs if you see them unnecessary and maybe invest in a hybrid heating system instead.

From the most minimalistic arrangement to the fullest combination of what’s possible to put in a wood-fired hot tub, the choices are yours.

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4. On a final note

We constantly work on improving our wood-fired hot tubs to make them serve the user’s needs more effectively.

Want to save water and use it for more extended periods? Check – we’ve added the UV-C lamp and a powerful sand/fibre ball filter.

Want to be able to use any type of water sanitisers? Check – the acrylic liner and marine-grade steel components are there to resist the chlorine’s adverse effects.

Want more customisation power in choosing the SPA elements? Check!

Want to learn more about the similarities and differences between the acrylic and fibreglass liners? Please read a detailed comparison in the special article here or view the Gardenvity hot tub models now when you’ve learned more about the differences between our Premium and the Essential lines.

And remember that you can always text us or register for a personal live Demo and get even more in-depth answers to your questions.

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