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Boxes to Check off Upon Delivery

Signing the Acceptance Order upon delivery of a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

The day has come when our driver dials your phone number to confirm the time of delivery! You can’t wait to rip the package off and see your wooden spa in reality. The driver smiles along with you and asks to sign here… What do you need to check before you say goodbye to the kind gentleman?

This article is more beneficial for the customers who choose a free kerbside delivery. If you pay extra for the Placement & Assembly service, our team will help you count the pieces and tell if anything is missing.

Please read this short guide to remind yourself of what boxes you need to check off upon delivery.

  1. Check the package while the delivery driver is still with you
  2. Count the big pieces
  3. Reporting damages or missing parts
  4. Remember to cooperate

1. Check the package while the delivery driver is still with you

Our friendly delivery staff will unload the hot tub package as close to its final location as possible to drive with a luton van. You will then need to carefully check the package and sign the acceptance order.

A packaged Gardenvity hot tub loaded on a delivery van.

The acceptance order confirms what is possible to check visually without unpacking the hot tub and all the included parts.

The delivery driver will not be able to wait long enough for you to unpack the hot tub.

What items you can check before signing the acceptance order at kerbside delivery:

  • Hot tub
  • Hot tub heater (models with external heater)
  • Hot tub cover
  • Curved steps (if ordered)
  • Thermowood box (Premium models)
  • Condition of the package

What you can’t check before the delivery driver leaves:

  • Damages to any parts of the hot tub or its components
  • Count all the parts which are in the fully-inclusive package as a standard

If you notice any damage to the package, please report this in the delivery record form, take pictures and contact Gardenvity.

If you order curved steps and these steps, the hot tub cover, external heater (if applicable) or the sand/fibre ball filter box (Premium models) is missing, you must show that in the acceptance order.

If you do not report any package damage or missing parts in the acceptance document in the driver’s presence, we would not be able to satisfy any further claims of missing items later.

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2. Count the pieces after unpacking the hot tub

You will only be able to count the parts delivered in the package when you unpack it. Most likely, you’ll find everything there, but in extremely rare cases… things happen.

A Gardenvity hot tub when delivered to the customer and unpacked, showing all parts before assembly.

Having already signed for the hot tub, its cover, curved steps (if ordered), external heater (if applicable) and sand/fibre ball filter box (Premium models) upon the delivery, please check if the rest is also there:

  • Chimney parts (2 flue segments, chimney heat protector, chimney elbow*, chimney elbow heat protector*, clamp, chimney cap, chimney bracket*)
  • Heater door
  • Ash grate
  • Condensation drip tray
  • Water drain valve
  • Garden hose fittings
  • Stirring paddle
  • Thermometer 
  • External shelf
  • Thermowood box with water filtration unit**

*Not applicable to models with an external heater.
**Only Premium models.

If you order the Placement & Assembly service, you should check if the above parts have been delivered while the assembly crew is busy doing their work. If you notice anything missing, let the assembly crew know that, and contact a Gardenvity Customer Experience Specialist (CXS).

If you notice that any of the hot tub parts are missing, please report back to us within 2 days.

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3. Reporting damage or missing parts

We aim to provide you with swift resolution of any issues that may occur in the delivery process – including missing or damaged parts.

One of the helpful Gardenvity Customer Experience Specialists.

Your first point of contact will always be the Gardenvity CXS.

The assembly crew or delivery drivers might not have spare parts. Any issues must be reported to the Gardenvity CXS. 

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4. Remember to cooperate

Customer experience has always been at the top of Gardenvity’s priorities, and we’ve invested great resources to achieve flawless communication and fast resolution of any issues.

This can only be achieved in close cooperation with our customers. 

Taking a picture of a Gardenvity wood-fired hot tub.

When you report issues related to damaged or missing parts, adding pictures or videos will help us handle the problem faster and with less correspondence.

Your first point of contact will always be the Gardenvity Customer Experience Specialist (CXS) – not the driver or the assembly crew.

Although our standard manufacturing, quality assurance and packaging procedures work exceptionally well, on rare occasions, something might go wrong or go missing. In such cases, thanks to our customers’ willingness to cooperate, we solve the issues in the most professional and caring way!

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